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Here you find the previous news items mentioned in the main page at some other time.

During October 2012 we highlighted;

Personnel selection fo Analists Programmer in SAC for the sub-project “Caracterización de la Calima y la Irradiancia Solar para Aplicaciones Energéticas” con el acrónimo TELECAN código de proyecto MAC/3/C181, aprobado dentro del Eje 3 – Cooperación con Terceros Países y articulación de la Gran Vecindad, de la II Convocatoria del Programa de Cooperación Transnacional Madeira-Azores-Canarias (MAC) 2007/2013.

In agreement with Spanish Law: Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de Protección de Datos de carácter Personal (LOPD), the personal information provided will be added to a company file for the selection process, . To remove the personal information simply indicate it to the address:

Until Oct 2012 we highlighted;

2012 has arrived!! For SAC this year will consolidate the work we do for the ESA/ESOC in the Navigation Support Office. We will continue to work to maintain the excellent relations between SAC and ESA/ESOC after the management change at the navigation Support Office during 2011. We still hope to expand the use and the application of NAPEOS, the excellent GNSS estimation software we have developed at the Navigation Support Office, and which ESA is licensing to European based companies and organisations, we can provide customisations, instruction, etc.

All the best to everyone and Have a great 2012!! … is that “twenty twelve” or “two thousand twelfth” for you?? :)

2009 has been a difficult year to be sure, not so much because of instability at SAC s.l. which is relativey secure with the frame contract with ESOC for a few more years, but the very significant problems everywhere in the economy will make things tricky !

We were mildly optimistic that given the size of the problems in the economy some opportunities will open up locally as massive R&D investments are expected in the Canary Islands, but not such opportunities materialised. The aim by local and national government agencies is to finally try to diversify our economy from tourism. Tourism will be the main economic activity here without question, but adding some significant high value technology or knowledge base economic activity is critical for the future of our region. We are participating in a minor way in a GNSS receiver test program with the local University of Las Palmas(ULPGC)

SAC still looks to become a scientific support software provider, this is not a very lucrative area of the software business since scientific institutions do not have much money for dedicated software developments, but we are willing to give it a shot! and to have fun doing what we like.

Another year is here, 2008 promises to be a turbulent year the markets are going crazy, people are worried about the economy both here and in the USA. Since both economies are so dependant on each other any problems quickly spread.

Additionally we have elections in Spain and the USA (my two “home” countries), this means even more noise in the background, different proposals, exagerations and misrepresentations. For business this is not good but this is life so we go on with a positive outlook.

At SAC we are convinced that this year will be very good, we are trying to become more than just a consultancy for ESA. This is not easy. Our work for ESA is very specific and of very high value added, but it is not easily offered to others. Therefore we are identifying small needs in local businesses and institutions and trying to develop some flexible web-based solutions in the area of scientifc network monitoring so as to make viable offers to provide them a good product.

SAC wants to become a scientific support software provider, this is not a very lucrative area of the software business since scientific institutions do not have much money for dedicated software developments, but we are willing to give it a shot! and to have fun doing what we like.

Until 18 January 2008 we highlighted;

SAC has recently won, with other industrial partners, the new frame contract for the provision of engineering services to the Navigation Support Office of ESOC. The new contract runs until 2010 with a possible 2 year extension after that.

SAC will continue to provide its services to ESOC remotely from its premises in the Canary Islands.

Until 15 January 2008 we highlighted;

We have tried to promote fleet control and supervision using GPS and UMTS technology. Unfortunately the service providers we represented are either focused on different kind of users, or the users are simply not willing to modify their workflows to include fleet management information and capabilities.

For the time being, therefore, we will desist in our efforts to promote fleet management services in the Canary Islands. This is a difficult market for these services due to insularity but we still believe that it adds value to any business willing to adopt it and any provider willing to be flexible and understanding with the local idiosincrancies. I wish other the best of luck in introducing this exciting technology and we are always available to provide support should anyone be interested.

Until 15 Feb 2007 we highlighted;

The core business of SAC is Satellite Navigation; GPS, GLONASS, Galileo. An expert recently commented that we are moving from the “information age” to the “position age”, all the same information will be available but we will be able to add value and context by including accurate certified position and time information. In critical and non-critical applications real-time position and time will become basic in a multid of services. We would like to be your partner in discovering new ways to use SatNav to add value and service, contact us with your ideas!

One thing that truly motivate us at SAC is the provision of off-site services using modern technologies. We have found that using good engineering and communications practices many organisations do not need the big overhead of having an entire development team in one place, they can be easily distributed and produce superior results. In the european context this may not be as fully exploited as it should be, if you want to implement such a system let us know, we can help!

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