Soluciones Avanzadas Canarias S.L. operates from the Canary Islands, Spain to provide engineering services in the Satellite Navigation (SatNav) field for worldwide companies, with a main focus in providing engineering consulting and education services to Europe and Africa.

The company is uniquely prepared to analyse the uses of modern technologies in different kinds of organisations. Since we telework daily and use information technology constantly we can advise any company or individual in the best possible uses of the current state-of-the-art technology for any individual or organisation. In particular the inclusion of web-based distributed information systems in day-to-day activies so that “the web” is not just something “added on” to an organsation but rather a central part of the knowledge repository and daily interaction of each worker.

The company has started with the main aim of providing professional engineering services and professional training services in the Satellite Navigation field to help applications and service companies to better use Satellite Navigation in their specific applications.

Satellite Navigation (GPS, etc) is a ubiquitous free service that is permeating all areas of modern life. In a similar move as the mobile phone, which has become indispensable even in developing countries, more and more modern services rely on either precise timing or position information, which generally always come from satellite navigation services.

GPS satellite

GPS satellite under testing