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AGU2013 IGS Infrastructure Committee poster

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

From 9 to 13 December I participated in the AGU Fall Meeting 2013 presenting a poster of some interesting IGS work. As the IGS Infrastructure Committee Chairman I have coordinated an experiment together with the IGS Network Coordinator, the Reference Working Group, the Antenna Working Group, and the Analysis Center Coordinator. The experiment consisted on identifying the worse performing monument ties for co-located geodetic stations from ITRF08 involving a GNSS antenna covered with an uncalibrated radome.

Uncalibrated radomes introduce an unknown offset into the estimated station positions so via post-processing we have tried to estimate the radome effect in the tie between geodetic techniques. The stations analysed all have two or more geodetic techniques (GNSS, SLR or VLBI) and knowing the local ties precisely (measurements between reference points of each technique) is very important so that the processed solutions from each technique can be correctly fitted together to make the Terrestrial Reference Frame.

AGU13 Poster session

AGU13 Poster session

SAC IGS poster

Nacho at the SAC IGS poster

You can get the poster clicking on the image below. The final conclusions are inconclusive for now. It is not possible to recover the radome effect from the global solutions we have generated and analysed. It is very likely that the radome effect is inside the station position time series noise. We will process the data in short baseline solutions in future developments and present the final results in the IGS Workshop 2014.

poster IGS IC AGU13

IGS IC poster at the AGU 2013

While at the AGU2013 I have also participated in the IGS Governing Board Meeting, the IGS Troposphere Working Group Meeting and the IGS Analysis Center Meeting. All the IGS different parts continue to work correctly and are advancing many issues forward.

Regards to all and Happy positioning!


Eumetsat Meteo Satellite Conference

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

I just attended the Eumetsat Meteo Satellite Conference in Cordoba, Spain at a beautiful location right by the Mezquita.

The event brings together many satellite Meteo researchers. As you know most Meteorological satellites carry on-board many different scientific instruments, and this conference brings together a very heterogeneous group of scientific people which as very informative and useful to put our GNSS engineering work into context.

I was sent to the conference to present the GSN poster. The GSN is a support service that i have been a part of since 2003 through initial study, conceptual design, implementation, launch, improvements and maintenance. It provides Eumetsat with support GPS products on a very strict time basis to process the Metop satellite GRAS radio occultation instrument. The poster can be seen below, Enjoy!

It was a fun short trip and I am glad to be able to represent the GSN project in this international conference.

All the best!