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RealTrack football (I mean soccer!)

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

I am proud to highlight this product from my home country, I am of course spanish and this company is from Almeria in southern spain. The product RealTrack football is a real-time traning system using GPS positions of each to aid in training regimes, total distances covered, tactical mapping using the recorderd positions of the players, etc.

The company that has invented this system is C&M Communications . >There are two version as described on their web the ‘Lite’ and ‘Pro’ versions. This product seems to be a really innovative LBS (Location Based Service) which I could have never imagined.

I certainly think that such a system can be very useful to keep records of the players that are training correctly and putting in a good effort on the training field and those that are slacking off! we all remember ‘pretending’ to run around the field but actually cutting all the corners. RealTrack Football can easily provide feedback to the training staff so that they can customised, adapt and monitor their training plans in real-time and over the long-term.

My congratulations to the company and I wish them all the best!

Good luck to all of you

Semana Geomatica

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Hemos estado en la Semana Geomatica que tuvo lugar en la Fira de Barcelona del 20 al 23 Febrero, y tambien hemos participado en el evento de CTAE (Technology Centre for the Aeronautical and Space industry) que organizó un evento para empresas de GNSS el 21 Feb en las mismas instalaciones. Las presentaciones tecnicas sobre Geodesia fueron muy concurridas y de un alto nivel, sobre todo las que hablaban de las mediciones del nivel del mar combinando datos de altimetria de satélites en Orbita baja y mediciones GNSS.

We have recently attended the Semana Geomatica in Barcelona for two days and at the same time participated in a CTAE (Technology Centre for the Aeronautical and Space industry) day which held a one day business exchange event where 20+ businesses participated in exchanging ideas and sharing interest to foster future collaboration projects. The scientific presentations were very interesting in particular the ones that dealt with the sea-level studies in the Mediterranean which combine satellite base altimetry measurements with in-situ GNSS measurements.

Navigation and P-commerce

Monday, June 19th, 2006

Position and Navigation are the latest addition to the new economy, it is becoming necessary to be able to position every valuable item in the economy. This will be accomplished by GNSS services in the next decade.

An additional benefit will be the ability of certifying a position whenever it is needed. For example proving that one is within a certain region to access sensitive data or information.

It is also unquestionable to me that all the transport of sensitive or dangerous equipment, materials and residues needs to be properly tracked whether travelling by air, sea or land. Especially in areas as heavily populated as Europe it makes no sense to endanger the people and the livelyhood of thousands of people by uncontrolled dangerous shipments. In cases like the ship Erika (tanker that sank near France) and the Prestige (tanker that sank near Spain) the case has been proven that these ships need to report their certified position to central a “traffic control” center. The certified position would come from the combination of the Satellite Navigation Services (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo).


What is needed now is the agreement at governmental level and of the shipping companies that it is in everyone’s benefit to add this kind of equipment to ships to improve their services and everyone’s safety.

Happy Positioning!

Ignacio Romero