4 new Galileo satellites

This year we have had two successful Galileo launches one on 27 March and the second on 11 September. 

It is good to report that these 4 satellites were delivered to the correct orbits as opposed to the launches last year (more on those below!)

The 27 March launched delivered satellites E26 and E22 to the B plane correctly. The E22 started transmitting for navigation users on 10 September. The E26 started transmitting on 2 October. Both satellites continue to operate normally and 2 frequency data is readily available from the IGS Data centers.

The 11 September launch placed in orbit satellites E24 and the A plane of the constellation. Both satellites had a short period of active navigation signal on 10 October and then were available on a continuous basis to navigation users from 6 November. 

The two satellites delivered to the incorrect orbit late in 2014 have had their perigee raised and the orbit circular isles as much as possible with the limited on-board capabilities.  The satellites will be used for scientific studies such as the investigation into general relativity just started between ESA and two German research institutes. 

In a few weeks two more Galileo satellites will be launched from Kourou atop a Soyuz rocket.  This will be the last ‘paired launch’ of Galileo as we switch next year to Ariane 5 ‘cuadruple launches’ which will help to complete the Galileo constellation much faster.

Happy positioning to all!


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