TELECAN project comes to a close

For the last 12 months our company has been in a collaboration project with the University of Las Palmas in a project called TELECAN.

This activity does not have a GNSS component at this time but it has been a fantastic learning experience for our company in the filed of Earth Observation, and it has brought together disparate members to work together towards a common goal. The partners of the project have been; ULPGC-GPIT, ITC, University of Agadir y SAC.

The final presentation was on 29 Nov, 2013 in the “Jornadas de Teledetección Espacial” and immediately afterwards there was a round table motivating a very interesting discussion based on the presentation.


The project has covered the production, storage, publication and display of Earth Observation products as they are related to renewable energies. This has covered the generation of 13 products, some generic EUMETSAT products, some from a Scientific Application Facility for nowcasting and some dedicated developments by this short project, as shown in the slide below.

TELECAN meteorologia energetica products

TELECAN meteorología energética products

But in truth the biggest component from our part has been capacity building and technology transfer, we see this project as a technology project, even though there has been a scientific component that is not the focus from our point of view. Our company has created a storage and publication system for the many products that the scientists generate in near-real-time. This storage, classification and vision system has been started from scratch internally Layers and GeoServer, two technologies we did not handle before. You can access the service clicking in the image below and find a sample of the products that the TELECAN scientists are generated in near-real-time.

portal web de productos de Meteorologia energetica

portal web de productos de Meteorologia energética

I will link to the presentation once it is loaded in the TELECAN webpage who are the ones authorised to distribute it.

regards to all!!


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