IGS positioning on phase aligment for GPS L2 data

The members of the Infrastructure Committee have prepared the following statement which was distributed to the receiver manufacturers late in 2010 by the IGS Governing Board:

We have come to this consensus at the IGS to speak with one voice and to send a clear message that the manufacturers need to provide phase measurements on all frequencies that are aligned so that users of the measurements do not have to second guess what they are using.

It is hoped that this statement and that the IGS relationship within the RTCM sc104 will help to resolve this issue for the benefit of all dual frequency GNSS users. In the end we anticipate that either an agreement will be reached for all manufacturers to provide aligned phases on L2 as they already do for L1 and to provide the amount they align them by so that the original measurement can be reconstructed should anyone need to.

To provide the alignment information the RINEX format has had a compulsory line added to the header as follows:

This has been added to the latest RINEX format versions:

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