At the EGU General Assembly 2009

I was just at the European Geophysical Union General Meeting (EGU) in Vienna, Austria. At this meeting there was a strong presence from ESA/ESOC as both Tim Springer and myself had presentations in the Geodesy section and I took a poster for the CGC (Canary GNSS Centre).

My presentation covered the IGS Reprocessing (the repro1 effort). The main idea was to present the current steps we have taken at the IGS to reprocess all the GPS data from 1994 to 2008 to produce consistent GPS precise products (orbits, clocks, station positions, earth rotation parameters), and the changes at ESA/ESOC to accomplish this ambitious task, you can read it in the pdf below.


The EGU was a very well attended meeting and the quality of the speakers in the Geodesy meeting was very high. I was very impressed to see the presentation by Paul Tregoning on the effect of the troposferic mapping funtion and a priori pressure values at the GPS stations, also the presentation by E.J. Petrie on the effect on GPS processing of the second/third order ionospheric effects and Matt King’s presentation on the effects on station coordinate time series of multipath at the stations. From ESA/ESOC we will be following up these findings as they are bound to become very important for the repro2 IGS reprocessing to be undertaken in the 2010/2011 time period.

The CGC poster that I presented was part of the Geodesy session G14: Geodetic Studies in Africa. The poster covers the efforts of the CGC to process the Macaronesia and Western Africa data and highlights the need for more permanent GNSS installations in our part of the world. As a scientific non-profit association the CGC brings together scientists and engineers from our region interested in GNSS to promote its multidisciplinary role and benefits.

CGC poster

CGC poster (click to read)

Happy positioning!
Ignacio Romero (Nacho of the IGS!)

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