The CGC Station Information System

I am proud to present to you the CGC Station Information System, a web-based monitoring system that we have developed at my company for the CGC.

The system has a main page to show all the stations being mirrored at the CGC server. The data from all these stations are available through the CGC in Daily 30 sec files (1 sec hourly files to come soon!). The display shows each station in a world Map with its 4 character acronym and the current state of data being received (red/yellow/green). To the right there is a “Station Panel” where the status of each station can be monitored based on several different data quality criteria (% – percent of data above 10 deg in the file ; nepo – number of epochs in the data file ; MP1/2 multipath delay (in m) on the L1 and L2 frequencies)

CGC Stations Information System

All these African stations are considered CORS stations (Continuous Operating Reference Stations) and they would be part of the AFREF definition. But as the display clearly shows many have no data (grey icon) or the data has bad quality indicators (red icons). Others have long data gaps as passing the mouse over the station icons will reveal. It is essential for these stations to be useful to have long, continuous, high quality data records. Even if the data is not available in a timely manner due to poor communications recovering the data and “filling” the holes is very important so that Earth studies (geodetic, atmospheric, etc) can benefit from the data over the years. You can access the CGC Station Information System from this link:

CGC Stations Information System

At SAC s.l. we are available to make such displays for distributed networks of scientific instruments for any groups or organisation. We are still refining the CGC system and when it is complete I will write another entry explaining the improvements but at this time it is already very useful to track the daily data flows from the GNSS stations in our region.

I have available a User’s guide for the CGC Station Information System but it is in Spanish. Download it from here, and as soon as I have translated it into English I will post it here too:

CGC Station System – Manual de Uso

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