IGS Workshop 2008 Contents & Summary

I intended to write a daily summary from the 2008 IGS Workshop which just closed. Unfortunately that was optimistic I was too busy to have the energy to write at the end of each day! Therefore I have written a document with my summary of each day, please download the document below and read at your perusal.

2008 IGS Workshop Summary

The workshop to me was very, very good. The location was wonderful, the Ritz at Miami Beach treated us very well. The organisation of the event by the NGS was very professional, helpful and involved in what was going on each day.

IGS Chairman (Dr Dow) addressing the participants 2008 IGS WS location (The Ritz)

It helps to have a limited IGS workshop. The IGS is not a big organisation so having these plenary meetings where we can all sit and listen to each other in technical matters is very important. We are also lucky to be able to have these meetings every 2 years since it gives us time to do some real work between workshops!!

The things that I want to pursue first coming from the workshop are:

  1. Incorporating the 2nd and 3rd order iono corrections to the GPS processing
  2. Correlating antenna monuments with problems in our ESA IGS processing
  3. Participating in the incipient IGS Infrastructure Committee
  4. Learning more about the albedo/infrared implementation to resolve the SLR residual issues in the GPS processing

I gave two presentations on the first few days of the workshop, one on the “Reprocessing Station Use” and the other on the “IGS network and the ESA processing”. Both presentations were well received they can be found in the IGS workshop website for download.

I also presented a poster at the IGS Workshop on the CGC activities which we are trying to promote to help GNSS activities in our region (Macaronesia and Western Africa):

CGC poster at the 2008 IGS WS

The poster was very well received. I was able to reinforce the contacts with several researchers and also to make new contacts with institutions that have GNSS stations in Africa. These stations I just discovered may become public with a little bit of help from the CGC or others that I will try to movilise. So I am optimistic!

Take care
Ignacio (Nacho) Romero

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