The IGS Workshop 2008

Today the IGS Workshop kick off in the beautiful Ritz-Carlton Hotel in South Beach, Florida.

The Workshop is a small, dedicated, single-session gathering of most of the IGS people involved on: station network management, product generation, and new activities (real-time, antenna calibrations, etc). This meeting takes place every 2 years and is organised by a different Analysis Centre each time, this time the National Geodetic Survey (NGS)

At this excellent website (Thanks Jim Ray!) you will find the details of the program for this week and most of the papers and posters that we will present here in the next few days, and it should be up much later for reference: IGS AC Workshop 2008 official website

The previous AC worshop was in 2006 organised in Darmstadt, Germany at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC), where I work!, and it was also an excellent chance to discuss all the IGS issues. You can scan the program and access the content from this link: IGS AC Worshop 2006

I am involved in the reprocessing activities both as part of the official ESA submission and as part of some coordinating actions from the IGS. The Reprocesing will substitute all the official orbit, clock and coordinate products for the last 15 years from the IGS with a smooth set of products to help provide consistency and state-of-the-art quality to the entire historical set of products.

During this week I will be writting my impressions and conclusions here at the workshop. It will not be an exhaustive account .. only what strikes me as most interesting at the time.

Best regards,
Nacho Romero

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