Vehicle management using GPS … my experience so far.

  1. 1 minute position updates are not enough for the islands where the roads are very winding so it should be possible to select the time between updates. Some of my trips do not make any sense because the 1 minute update times skip many turns, exits, etc.
  2. The response is too slow, for some reason this version of the on-line system is too slow and this discourages its use! I am not sure if the problem are the service provider resources (PC, connection speed, etc), or the number of users, or the application speed.
  3. It needs to be possible to stop the display of positions in the online application, and thus to save those “messages” from the mobile device for later. If an authorised users decides to not track a vehicle for certain periods (like outside working hours) it should be possible to do so and to save the contracted messages as a result.

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