Galileo has the money!!

It was obvious that at this stage we are not going to stop Galileo but how to pay for it was never a trivial matter. Even though the system will cost significantly less than a line of high-speed rail its seems like satellite based systems have a harder time of finding money than land-based transport systems. Even though I have to say that overall the benefits of both are great the satellite based systems are much more cost effective, but that is my personal feeling without knowing all the numbers.

Anyway the good thing is that the European Union fund money left over from the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) for Galileo. I love the idea that the farmers had a good year so they did not need so much funding from the EU and the left-over money goes to the high-flying, high-technology Galileo system.

That Europe needs Galileo is obvious but we are also finding that the world needs it too and the Galileo development slow as it has been has already spurred tremendous progress on GLONASS (Rusia), Compass (China), and GPS III making all the players more open to interoperability and reaching more global understandings. All of this from the promise of Galileo!! … what will happen when it is actually operational … :)

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