Where is GNSS heading

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  1. nacho Says:

    The problem is that we have seen these exciting GLONASS developments before and nothing ever happens, more satellites get decommissioned than are launched leading to a difficult situation for constellation support.

    Today we received this meesage which proves my point:

    This week, 5 GLONASS satellites were decommissioned:
    794 in orbit slot 2
    789 in orbit slot 3
    711 in orbit slot 5
    792 in orbit slot 21
    798 in orbit slot 22
    These satellites had been set unhealthy for varying periods of time, since
    9 July 2006 in the case of 711 to as recently as 17 November 2007 in the case
    of 792.

    The 3 new satellites launched on 25 December 2007 still await commissioning.

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