On the real Galileo benefits

  1. It reduces the pressure on GPS and promotes healthy competition.
  2. It helps to push GPS stakeholders “to stay ahead” of Galileo developments, otherwise we would live in a C1, L1, L2, P2, P1 world for how much longer?
  3. It allows others to develop capabilities complementary to the ones in the US. In the long run having both continents with competent professionals and capable companies helps the overall climate of cooperation and understanding. Pretending GPS can solve all future problems leads us to a terrible state monopoly situation.
  4. Galileo will provide integrity for ALL constellations, after the EGNOS project Europe is a key player in both GPS and GLONASS integrity algorithms so we can get integrity for all from one signal. I doubt GPS or GLONASS would do the same now or in the future.
  5. We have already done it in Europe! following the models of INMARSAT, EUTELSAT and EUMETSAT we have already created large multi-national satellite operators at first fully dependant on ESA for technology and national governments for funding and control and later independent and even completely private. Galileo will follow this same model and all the better for it.

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