The Canary GNSS Centre (Centro GNSS Canarias)


SAC is participating with other institutions to create and maintain the CGC, a non-profit centre which aims to educate and promote the use, collection and analysis of GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo) data for our geograhical area.

The CGC aims to collect all the GNSS data from our region: The Macaronesia and Western Africa, the data is open and public for the use of anyone that needs it. The data so far collected is from many public sources as they are made available through the IGS and EUREF networks. We aim to make available other GNSS data from regional and national public and private sources to generate a historical data archive for science, technical, educational and development uses as needed.

In the near future we will also provide a forum with analysis results of the GNSS data for this region. We will invite investigators to make their GNSS related publications available via the CGC.

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