Canary Advanced Solutions starts!

The core business of SAC is Satellite Navigation; GPS, GLONASS, Galileo. An expert recently commented that we are moving from the “information age” to the “position age”, all the same information will be available but we will be able to add value and context by including accurate certified position and time information. In critical and non-critical applications real-time position and time will become basic in a multid of services. We would like to be your partner in discovering new ways to use SatNav to add value and service, contact us with your ideas!

One thing that truly motivate us at SAC is the provision of off-site services using modern technologies. We have found that using good engineering and communications practices many organisations do not need the big overhead of having an entire development team in one place, they can be easily distributed and produce superior results. In the european context this may not be as fully exploited as it should be, if you want to implement such a system let us know, we can help!

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